Job Posting: We're hiring a Children's Ministry Director

"Let the little children come to me." With these words Jesus demonstrated that children have a place in his family. He wanted them there. That was counter cultural for his day. Kids were extra mouths to feed, yet they could not help 'bring home the bacon.' They were obnoxious and loud distractions when the adults 'needed to talk.' Jesus strongly disagreed as he made room for them. 

Children are important, not because they are the church of tomorrow, but because they are part of the church today. 

So we are looking for a children's ministry director to help us love, nurture, and protect our children. We're looking for someone with a loving heart, creative and entrepreneurial spirit to join our team as we substantially create ministry teams and plan preview services. 

You can download a job description here. Any inquiries should be directed to Pastor Robbie via our contact page.