Welcome to Iron Works Church, a new church in and for West Chester

Iron Works Church is a church-family of Jesus' disciples throughout the Chester County neighborhoods of West Chester, West Goshen, Downingtown, and Kennett Square, who seek to love people, places and things. We believe that Jesus is actively making all things new, and we want to be a part of that redemptive mission. So we welcome all who believe, disbelieve or who are unsure of what they believe, just as Jesus has welcomed us.  


Why a new church?

Things are not as they are supposed to be. Everywhere there is brokenness. It's not just the Syrian Refugee crisis, it's our very own lives. There's estrangement between loved ones, confusion over one's calling, a struggle to figure out identity. It's pervasive. Everywhere there is broken people, places, and things. 

That is not how God wanted things to be. It's quite the opposite. God never wanted this, and that is why He sent His own Son, Jesus; Jesus is making all things new. In the New Testament of the Bible, there are 4 biographies of Jesus, in John's biography of Jesus we see the very first miracle recorded for us. Now these miracles were a picture of what life is like when you live under God's reign. The story goes like this: Jesus was at a wedding. And in ancient days, weddings went on for days. But the host did not plan well and ran out of wine. So Jesus' mom comes to him and says "the wine is gone." A few moments later, Jesus turns water into wine; the wedding coordinator - who did not know what Jesus did - exclaims to the host: "Most people bring out the box wine at this point, but you saved the best for last!" 

In this picture of God's reign, we see what life is supposed to be like: the party gets only better the longer you follow Jesus. 

There's another theological point to be made in order for us to answer the question: why a new church? The Apostle Paul described the church as the body of Jesus Christ throughout his New Testament letters. This metaphor led one 20th century theologian to say this: "The church is the hermeneutic of Jesus; if you want to know what Jesus is like, then look at the church." In other words, the church is supposed to show that the party only gets better the later it gets. 

This idea is foreign to most Americans. God and Christianity are killjoys. In fact, the church is against the good life. 

But that's not the message of God's story nor is that God's design for his family.

We're planting a new church in order to embody this truth, as we are committed to being an open door to anyone curious about the way of Jesus. But how you learn about the way of Jesus is by coming and seeing how we live our lives together, in our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces. 

What's going on at Iron Works Church?

Just as a gardener would be very intentional about the garden she just planted, we want to display that same intentional nurturing as we are a new church family. We specifically want to love and celebrate our neighbors and West Chester this coming summer, while cultivating a deep love for one another. 

The best way to stay informed is to follow us on Facebook, contact and ask us to add you to our email list, watch the events calendar to the side, and check out our blog