kids are a big deal at iron works.

"Let the little children come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." That's what Jesus had to say about little ones. It was provocative then; it is provocative today. Children are a handful. Following Jesus' lead, we welcome all in our worship service. Your children may chirp and quack during worship, but we make room for them because they are part of the church today (and not just part of tomorrow's church). 

We value the role of kids in our community and are committed to cultivating an environment where they feel like they are known, loved, respected and protected by Jesus. We intend to draw kids into an engaging, enjoyable and provocative encounter with Jesus by using language that is familiar to them. Our hope is that they would walk with Jesus all the days of their lives, where their lives are radically shaped by his profound love for them. 

We want to serve you and your children. 

We seek to come alongside you, helping you teach your children how to follow Jesus, by serving you in the following ways:

  • Our Nursery is primarily for infants and toddlers (up to age 3), and it is staffed throughout the entirety of the worship service. Feel free to take your little ones to the nursery if they are distracting you and disrupting worship at any time.

  • Kids Church is for 4 year olds up thru 5th grade. It begins about halfway through our worship gathering when we’ll pray for and dismiss our kids into two different classes:

  • Doodle Clipboards have a coloring sheet, a pictorial order of worship, crayons and some extra pieces of paper. We want your children to listen and participate in worship, so we offer this as a way to help you teach your child how to worship God.

We want your children to worship with us.

Children learn by doing and watching. As we rehearse God's story through our liturgy, they will see their parents crying out to God in song and prayer; they will see their parents confessing their sin; they will see their parents sitting under the word of God; they will see their parents saying "I need you" by partaking of the Lord's Supper. And they will ask questions of what everything means. Feel free to quietly answer those questions during the service.