We are a church who exists to be a vibrant expression of who God is — gracious, present, and hospitable.

Iron Works Church is a community that does exist for ourselves.

We are working to care for our neighbors, restore relationships, celebrate beauty and worship God, preaching Christ in West Chester and beyond. We have a vision to see Jesus change peoples lives.

We invite doubters, seekers, and religious ALIKE to follow the way of Jesus for the good of West Chester. 

This mission is rooted in Jesus’ own mission. We read, “God so loved the world, that he sent his one and only Son” (Jn 3:16). Later on Jesus prayed, “As you have sent me, I send them” (Jn 17:18, 21). Christians are sent to love this world to life. It’s tempting to read these verses in the abstract, but God tangibly loves real places like West Chester. Our mission is born out of the reality that West Chester, like everyone, needs the gospel. West Chester is a home to people like us, who cannot make themselves whole on their own, cannot perfect themselves on their own, but can only experience healing, meaning, and hope through Jesus. In other words, we need God and one another to find wholeness and belonging.

Our Core Values

Formed by God’s story


We believe that God is vastly different from us, that his thoughts and ways are beyond our comprehension and far more superior in wisdom and beauty than can be stated. For this reason, we look to him while not setting aside our intellectual integrity. Because of what he has proved in Jesus, we trust his unchanging goodness and yield to his word as our authority in life and in what we do. It guides, instructs, redirects, and rebukes us. And in all of this, we find exceedingly more life, freedom, self-realization, satisfaction, and abiding peace than if we were to depend on our own blind perspectives.

Freed by Jesus to live new, different Lives


Without the peace that comes from being completely forgiven, loved and adopted, empowered, and anointed through faith in Jesus’s death and resurrection, there can be no genuine healing, no other-centered love, or relationship. Because of Jesus everything changes for us.

Without the gospel, all religion is self-centered and is fuel for greater pride, leading to comparison, competition, and struggles for power.

Made into a new family that worships


Because of our relationship with the most beautiful, satisfying being in the universe, we treat our worship together as the center of our life. Christians, above all else, are worshipers of God and his children. We expect to interact with the living God when we are together. We know that he will be intimately at work in each of us and at the same time be at work mysteriously through us for the benefit of each other. Because of this, we want every layer of our worship to point toward the complete truth of who God is, and for it to engage our affections, our thoughts, and our will. Worship then becomes the fountainhead from which we live, work, play, and rest.

Sent as Servants


As our hearts continue to grow in our love and compassion towards those around us, we also want them to know Jesus, who is the answer to everything that they are seeking in life. Because it is God who draws a person to himself, we know that our role is to share about what Jesus has done for us with the people around us through our words and actions.

We are not driven by self achievement or fear of God’s disapproval. Rather, we seek to be faithful in giving the knowledge of Jesus that we ourselves were given, with all respect and patience as we look for God to be at work in those around us.