Our Vision 

Iron Works West Chester commits to being a church that does not exist for itself. 

So we do this by being an open door and a clear path to skeptics, seekers, and all those who're interested in the way of Jesus. You're invited to come, dwell with us in order to see see how the reign of God transforms all of life. We want to see God's kingdom come in West Chester as it is in heaven. 

belong. believe. become. 

Let me put this in very personal terms. We're committed to creating space for you to explore the way of Jesus. Throughout the biographies of Jesus, we see how Jesus himself created space and invited others to explore whom he is. He created a community where doubters, skeptics, seekers and religious people could belong right beside Jesus' followers. The label of "outsider" was not known by Jesus. All were welcome to learn about him. 

As skeptics and seekers belong and learn to walk with Jesus, he trains them to know exactly who he is. This is seen most clearly in the life of Peter, a man whom Jesus invited to follow him very early on in his public teaching ministry. Peter was one of three men who followed Jesus the longest, so it carried extra weight when Jesus asked him: "who am I? I don't care who others say I am, who do you say I am?" Peter's words are recorded in Scripture: "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Even after this accurate confession of faith, Peter had many missteps. He belonged before he believed; he believed before he became. So at Iron Works West Chester, you do not have to believe in order to belong and explore the Christian faith.

What we are saying in our vision is this: it takes belonging in a community to learn about and to follow Jesus. If you're a skeptic, the best place to learn about Jesus and the Christian faith is by being among Jesus' followers. If you're a religious person, one who grew up in the church, you need to live within community in order to grow as a disciple of Jesus. We need this diversity in order to become more like Jesus. (This is pictured best by Jesus' own "12 disciples." One was a terrorist against Rome, while another was a Roman collaborator.) There's an ancient proverb that says: "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" (Proverbs 27:17). So we seek to be an Iron Works, a place where people can belong to Jesus, believe in him, and become more like him.