What are Community Groups?

When you think about Community Groups, it helps to first answer the question, ‘what is the church?’

Some may think the church is primarily a building where Christians gather for worship or other events. Christians often talk this way by saying, ‘I go to church.’ Honestly that is shorthand for saying, ‘I go to worship with my spiritual brothers and sisters over at such-and-such a place.’

The church is not primarily a building, but the family of God. The church is a community that is designed to reflect God’s heart so that you have a place of belonging, where you are known, heard, and valued. We see this reality fleshed out for us amid the earliest pages of Scripture, where God’s people are "a blessing to the whole world" (Gen. 12:1-3). Jesus reiterates this when he sends us into the world in the same way that the Father sent the Son (John 17:18, 21). This means that the church is a family of missionary servants, learning about the way of Jesus together.

We aren’t isolated individuals who simply go to church. We want to be the church. This is why community life is such a big deal at Iron Works Church. It is in this community life that we get to be the church together in between Sundays. 

We live out everyday lives together through community groups. These cross-generational gatherings meet regularly for meals, prayer, discussion, and service. Community Groups are a place to share your story, build relationships, and seek ways of loving others. Community Groups are for everyone and anyone; we all need this. And within the fabric of these community groups, are focused same-gender discipleship cohorts where you can focus in and learn about the way of Jesus together. You can learn more about these discipleship cohorts here.

To wrap up, what does a Community Group do?

Following Jesus is more than going to worship. Throughout the Bible we see commands followed by “one another.” We are invited and made into a new community that:

  • GROWS in living out the Gospel together, speaking truth in love to one another.

  • PRAYS together and for one another.

  • CELEBRATES life together.

  • EATS & PLAYS together!

  • SHARES one another’s burdens and care for one another.

  • SERVES one another along with meeting the needs of your neighborhood/school/community.

  • SHOWS HOSPITALITY to one another, including strangers!

  • INVITES others to join.

How can I join a community group?

We have 4 Community Groups starting afresh this fall in West Chester, West Goshen, Bradford, and Kennett. Each one of these groups follows a different schedule. If you would like to learn more please email robbie@ironworkschurch.org