Current sermon series

Throughout Scripture there are powerful, intense moments of what it looks like to meet God. Some of these moments are unique, only happening one time in history. Yet they still have lessons to teach us. There are other God-encounters that reflect our experiences. Over the summer months we will be looking at these encounters to consider what it means to meet God and follow him. Sermons are available via our podcast and this page. 


Previous Sermon Series

"Life with God for the Life of the World" focuses on key rhythms that we need to embody as we follow Jesus for the good of West Chester. We'll tackle key questions as: why church, why pray, why worship together, and so on.


Visitation sermons

Abraham and the Smoking Pot
5.27.2018 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Gn. 15:1-20


Life with God Sermons

Spirit-filled Generosity
5.20.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Acts 4:32-37

Take and Eat
4.29.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Ezekiel 2:8-3:3

Rehearsing the Gospel
4.22.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Joshua 24:1-18

Embodying the Love of God
4.15.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10

Why does the Church Matter?
4.8.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Acts 2:42-47

Encountering the Resurrected Jesus
4.1.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Luke 24:13-35

A Different Kind of King
3.25.18 | Rev. Robbie Schmidtberger | Philippians 2:1-11