Ministry Teams

Serving together is one of the best ways to find belonging in a church, the other is by joining a community group. So we invite doubters, seekers, and religious to join us for worship and serve with us.

These teams work to make Sunday morning worship happen. Hospitality shapes everything we do, from our music to our greeting team and everywhere in between. These teams make it possible for us to worship together each Sunday. At Iron Works, it is common to belong before you believe, which means you do not have to be a member to serve on a team and volunteer. (In fact, the dynamic of belonging before believing describes every one of Jesus’ disciples in the gospel accounts.)


God’s welcome shapes everything we do. This team creates a welcoming worship environment, by greeting you at the door, answering questions, and making coffee. It’s the behind the scenes team that really creates a welcoming environment for us to meet with God and one another.

Kids Church

We love kids. Our kids church cultivates biblical literacy in children via gospel-centered teaching. You can read more about our kids ministry here.


Music is a big deal, both in our church and personal life. Our music team leads the congregation in song and music as we together praise God.


Our liturgy team leads the church to participate in worship by rehearsing the gospel. Every week members of the church assist our pastor by leading a portion of the liturgy and with the Lord’s Supper. On occasion we have liturgists read scripture or lead the prayers of the people. This team thoughtfully and transparently communicates God’s word in our worship services.

Facility Care

We have two facilities, one being our worship space and the other being our community space that we affectionately call “the 3rd Place.” Our facility team leads our congregation to steward these facilities for the common good of West Chester.


Our community outreach team organizes both community and service events, as we seek to love and celebrate West Chester together. Community groups engage in service opportunities, so each group has an “outreach leader” to foster service as a regular rhythm within our church life.