Through classes, seminars, and forums, the School of Discipleship offers more comprehensive teaching that’s not always possible in Sunday worship or community groups.

The School of Discipleship is our Christian formation ministry. While the School provides opportunities to cultivate a biblical worldview, this is not simply an intellectual pursuit. Jesus urged us to teach others to observe everything he commanded (Matt. 28:20). The emphasis is on the word observe. A disciple is not defined as someone who knows a bunch of stuff about God and his story. A disciple is someone knows how to put that knowledge into practice. Truth is practical. It’s meant to be translated into wise living as faithful participants in God's story of redemption. We believe that following Jesus leads to holistic transformation in every aspect of who we are: head (belief), heart (character), and hands (practice)

2019 Spring Semester 

Everyday Disciples
Last Sunday of the month, 9-10am at the 3rd Place (next class is on Sunday, April 28th)

Come join our staff, community group and team leaders as we consider what it means to be an Everyday Disciple of Jesus. Throughout the semester we will consider a theology of place, community, pastoral care, discipleship and evangelism — all necessary aspects of creating a discipleship culture at Iron Works. Childcare is provided.