It all started when...

Our story has multiple beginnings. Like when the Schmidtbergers sold their house in Pittsburgh and moved across the state; or, when the Reformed Presbyterian Church of West Chester voted to close their doors and gift their property to a new church effort; or in March 2017, when 30 different people gathered in a West Chester living room to imagine a church-family that loved others and their place. This dream was the beginning of Iron Works Church, a place for doubters, seekers, and religious people alike could come and learn the way of Jesus.

God continued to bring us together, leading us to launch community groups and begin weekly worship on November 26th, 2017.

We have grown into a worshiping community of approximately 75 people since our launch, with four community groups that meet throughout the week. God is working in and through us, so there is a lot to thank him for. There have been a lot of growth, development, and change along the way. We’re excited to see God bringing us closer together, making us into a people that deeply loves one another and others well. We’re excited to be a church. Some of us are doubters full of skepticism and questions. Others of us are seeker with a lot of curiosity. And others have grown up in the church. But all of us are a part of Iron Works, not because of what we do or what we believe, but because of God’s gracious love that he shows us.

We’re eager to see where that love takes us.