It all started when...

Robbie and Jennifer Schmidtberger packed up all their belongings into a uHaul and drove Pennsylvania. They moved from Pittsburgh to Kennett Square, following God. They came with the hope to start a new church. This church would be a family where people loved others and their place, seeking to see God’s kingdom come. It would be a church where anyone curious about Jesus could learn about him and his teachings. 

Along the way, while Robbie researched Chester County, he met Darin Pesnell. Darin planted Iron Works Church in Phoenixville. Darin cheered Robbie on, revealing that it was Iron Works' desire to plant churches that existed for their communities. Eventually Darin came and asked the Schmidtbergers to come and partner with Iron Works by planting a church in West Chester. 

Meanwhile, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of West Chester came to a weighty decision: to close and gift their building towards a church planting effort. So in January 2017, RPC closed and entrusted their facilities to Iron Works Church to be used to start a new church in West Chester. 

And so, Iron Works Church of West Chester was born.

God is good, and he has been very gracious to Iron Works Church in these past few months. There is a lot to thank and praise him for. There’s been much development (seen by the updates in our worship space), growth, and change along the way. We’re excited to see God bringing us closer together and making us into a people that deeply loves one another and others well. We seek to make room for others, as God has made room for us. This is how God loves us.